Why Wait for the Funeral?

Traditions are what make a family unique, they create memories that last long after the turkey is eaten or the gifts are unwrapped. I recently asked some friends about their Thanksgiving Day traditions because we don’t have one that we do regularly.  When the kids were little we did thankful leaves where we wrote down what we were thankful for on construction paper leaves and hung them on a little branch stuck into a pot of rocks. Easy.

A couple of weeks ago, as my stream of thought flowed from wanting to start a new T-Day tradition, to thinking nothing too complicated (whew, that Elf on a Shelf keeps us on our toes during Christmas time,) to something that is meaningful and truly shows what I am thankful for, to my sadness for several of my friends who will spend their first Thanksgiving after losing a parent, to how much I appreciate the chance to spend at least one more with both of mine, to thinking why do we wait for the funeral? There were probably a few more thoughts in between, but I will spare you.

Why do we wait until we have to write the beautiful obituary or eloquent eulogy telling of how wonderful our loved one was to express our appreciation? Why do we wait until the funeral to talk about how amazing so and so was and how she was so generous, kind, thoughtful, etc? So, this year I decided to start a new tradition. We will have four generations around the Thanksgiving table this year and each person will receive a piece of paper with a family member’s name on it. As we enjoy our bird and booze (or sparkling grape juice) we will tell in a few words what we admire, love and appreciate about the person on our piece of paper. And if I know me, I might need a few extra napkins to wipe away a tear or two.

So….Here’s to traditions, family, and fun….Happy Thanksgiving friends!!

Stretchy pants, here I come!